Hair Care

The series of hair care in our clinic using some methods and tools to provide maximum results. The series consists of evaporation treatment scalp steamer, the provision of serum and use of ozone technology and a laser beam with a low energy level. Each treatment has the advantage of each – each.

Steamer or evaporation serves to open pores and useful for the absorption of products applied to the scalp to percolate to the root of the hair. And with the creation of the humid conditions of the scalp and hair, will support the growth of good hair and prevent hair damage. Moist state is also required for ozone therapy in order to work with the maximum. Ozone facilitate the formation of the membranes of the hair shaft that serves as a protector, and will increase the volume and density of the hair, the ozone can also be useful in the hair brittle, thinning and loss. Ozone can also be primarily used to treat disorders of the scalp such as psoriasis, dermatitis and alopecia or baldness seborrhoic. While Laser Hair may boost blood flow in the scalp area that will promote hair growth.

Optimal results will be seen after approximately 6-12 months after irradiation series 1-2 treatments, every week with 15 to 30 minutes per session.