Odontectomy is extract the tooth by surgical procedure, with the mucoperiosteal flap and the bone above the existing teeth being removed.
It is an indication that the tooth (usually wisdom tooth) cannot grow perfectly and embedded in the jawbone.

According Fragiskos (2007) odontectomy indications include:

RA or RB teeth with unusual tooth root morphology.
Hypercementosis root, root is thin and rounded.
The roots are experiencing dilaceration..
Dental ankylosis or teeth abnormalities (eg: dens in dente).
Impaction and/or semi-impaction.
Teeth fused with adjoining teeth, or fused on the apical region to adjacent teeth.
Tooth root is found below the gum line.
Roots with periapical lesions.
Deciduous molar teeth whose roots embrace permanent premolar tooth crown.
Belonging to the small dining Odontectomy surgery is done with local anesthesia.
Procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the tooth position that is embedded in the jawbone
The pain after surgery can be reduced by taking oral medication.