Fat Transfer To Buttocks

Fat transfer are an excellent alternative for buttock implant. This procedure also suitable for all age of woman and man who want to have a better performance of their buttock. Fat transfer are a surgical procedure with less side effect and risk. The main problem of the fat transfer will be the viability of the fat itself. Normally it will require 2 – 3 transfer procedure to obtain an optimal result. Even after a very delicate and procedural technique, they might occur a 35{687a67ee0bf003cdef97f60a22cd90d18490d4d60c3f25eff6e9d6ce013e4f0f} of fat absorption.
This procedure is done in 1.5 – 2 hours and perform under general anaesthesia. Swelling and bruising might occur and will be dissolve within 14 – 21 days after surgery. Surgical wound might leave a scar that will be undetectable in month.