Fat Transfer To Face

As time goes by, the ageing process are occur on every single person on earth. This ageing process not only make changes on the skin but also on the muscle and on the bone. In face there is several part that become hollow, laxity, and wrinkly. This problem make face looks older and fatigue. Nowadays this matter can be solve with several treatment. One of them are fat transfer. By doing fat transfer the face looks younger, fresh, and healthy. This fat are harvest from patient own body and then inject to the area on the face that need.
Area that might need on the face such as temporal hollow, frontal area, cheek, under eye, and other part. Since the fat are harvest from patient own bodies, then there will be no allergic reaction occur.
This procedure can be repeat until a satisfying result is obtain. On a first 3 month your body will absorb the fat about 35{687a67ee0bf003cdef97f60a22cd90d18490d4d60c3f25eff6e9d6ce013e4f0f}, while the last 65{687a67ee0bf003cdef97f60a22cd90d18490d4d60c3f25eff6e9d6ce013e4f0f} will be remain. For an optimal result, patient might need 2 – 3 times procedure in a 6 months.
Overall this procedure can be done in 1 hours under local anaesthesia. Swelling and bruising might occur after procedure and will dissolve in 3 – 7 days after the procedure.