Fat Transfer To Hand

Just like any other part of the body, ageing are also occur on the hand. This problem make hand more hollow and wrinkly. A salvation to this matter is by perform a fat transfer on the hand that make it looks tight and younger.
This procedure can be repeat until a satisfying result is obtain. On a first 3 month your body will absorb the fat about 35{687a67ee0bf003cdef97f60a22cd90d18490d4d60c3f25eff6e9d6ce013e4f0f}, while the last 65{687a67ee0bf003cdef97f60a22cd90d18490d4d60c3f25eff6e9d6ce013e4f0f} will be remain. For an optimal result, patient might need 2 – 3 times procedure in a 6 months.
Overall this procedure can be done in 1 hours under local anaesthesia. . Swelling and bruising might occur after the procedure and will dissolve in 3 – 7 days after procedure.